How to Join Servers on Minecraft?

January 25, 2023

How to Join Servers on Minecraft?

You can join multiplayer Minecraft servers created by players and fan groups. It's possible to join another server or start your own, but it's not common.

Anyone can create a server using the Mojang software developers. These servers can alter the game's rules and add or remove features. The results can vary greatly, from mini-games and dungeon crawlers.

Mojang may offer Minecraft servers as an alternative to Roblox. The community creates their experiences, while the developers provide the platform.

Minecraft servers are primarily about creating multiplayer alternatives. Minecraft is a single-player video game. You can join a server if you are looking for online co-op or other versus modes.

How do I join Minecraft Servers?

The Java and Bedrock editions have different ways of joining servers. The Bedrock Edition comes with a built-in menu that allows you to find servers and join them. The Java Edition does not have a menu so you will have to search for servers elsewhere.

Let's now discuss the steps for Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. These steps can be followed on any platform.

How do I join servers on Minecraft Java Edition?

Let's begin with Java Edition. This is the most difficult. You will need to locate a Minecraft server using a web browser and copy its IP address. Then, you'll need to paste it into the game.

Search the Server Online

We recommend that you search for Minecraft servers. You might already know how to search for servers, or you may have heard from someone who is a content creator.

You must enter the IP address of the server in any case. This looks like a web address, or an IP address.

Click to copy the IP. Alternatively, you may browse online yourself.

These pages will let you check popular servers, view their offerings, and copy their IP.

The Java Edition is available for PC and smart devices. You'd be able to copy your IP address at all times.

Join a Minecraft Server on Bedrock Edition

Here are the steps to take to join a Minecraft server after you have searched for it on a web browser.

- Open Minecraft. - Click on "Multiplayer."
- Click on "Direct Connection"
- Copy or paste the IP address for the Minecraft server that you wish to play.
After entering the address, click on "Join Server".
- Alternativly, click on "Add Server".
Enter the exact server address and name, then press "Done."
- Wait for the server load to complete before you can start playing.

All servers added through this method will be kept in the multiplayer tab.

How do I join servers on Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Java Edition is generally heavier than the Bedrock Edition. One of its improvements is the ability to allow players to locate servers within its menu.

Open Minecraft
- Click on "Play"
- Click on the Server tab.
- Locate the server you wish to join and click "Join server."

How do Minecraft Servers work?

Minecraft servers allow you and your friends to play the world together and test various forms of mini-games.

Although these servers are generally free, some may charge a fee to reveal their URL address or IP address. Some servers may also offer micro-transactions while others are private and private.

You can join a server from the Minecraft menu on your PC, consoles, or mobile device. It is a good idea to look online at the server and see what they have to offer before you go.

Let's first check the basics of the tutorial.

Basic Server Rules

There are many types of Minecraft servers. These servers can alter gameplay mechanics, societal structure, mob behavior, loot randomization, spawn regulations, and other aspects.

But, most servers follow two basic rules:

Servers have a protected area for you to spawn. You won't normally be able to damage mobs, interact directly with the world, or destroy any blocks within 16 blocks of you.
- A chat will appear on the left side. This is where people can send messages to each other. The default key to type is "T."
- There may be a lag spike after joining a server.

Types of Minecraft Servers

Before you join a server, the type of experiences that you might have is the last thing you need to know.

The map editor and Creative mode are the main tools used by most Minecraft servers to create custom areas and maps. Mojang's Craft Bukkit software is also used by other developers to create more complex options.

These are the main types of servers that you might find:

- Creative: These use Minecraft's Creative mode, but limit items, access and plot sizes as well as materials, blocks, materials, and the like.
- Survival: These are based on the Survival mode but have additional rules that allow for "Griefing" between players, or exploiting mechanisms for resources.
- Anarchy: These are not governed by any rules. Players can cheat, exploit, speak explicitly, and many other things.
- Mini-games: These servers host mini games like Capture the Flag.
Faction: These Survival-type servers allow you to "mark" a piece of land as yours. You can't allow unidentified players to build in the area you claim.
- Harcore - These servers are also Survival servers but players cannot respawn. This allows for "last man standing" gameplay.
- Roleplay: These allow you further customize your player and follow RPG-like plotlines.
- Private/personal: These servers allow players to share private information with their friends and family.

These servers can have PvP or PvE elements. Servers may also mix ingredients from these types to blur the distinction between them.