Cool Minecraft Commands

Cheats in Minecraft are automatically suggested by the chat window. However, there are many other cheats that Minecraft doesn’t list. These are some cool Minecraft commands that you might not have heard of.

These cheats might not be available in your Minecraft version. New commands are constantly being added and removed from Minecraft.

Teleport Anywhere:

The Minecraft teleport command has been voted the best cheat. The following syntax can be used to teleport to a specific coordinate:

Once you understand how coordinates work, it is easy to warp to key locations in your world. You can also teleport to any object or player using the /tp command, by replacing the coordinates in the coordinates with a name.

Locate Nearby Objects

Are you trying to find the nearest village, home, or mineshafts? You can use the locate command to pinpoint the coordinates for nearby objects such as these:

The command above returns the coordinates for the nearest buried treasure. This information can be used with the teleport command for quick access to where you need to go.

Count Objects

You can count the number players, mobs, or other objects in a certain area using the /testfor command. The following command returns the number llamas within a 100-block radius around coordinates 75X 64Y 75Z:

You can control the time of day: /time

You can set the exact time of the day for your Minecraft world. Follow these steps:

The command above sets the time for dawn. Midday is 6000, dusk 12,000, midnight 18,000. You can play with the numbers between to control the time incrementally.

Ride Any Creature: /ride

You can ride animals in Minecraft, but you will need to tame them. The ride command cheat makes it much easier.

You will have spawns from any mob you choose. Although you won’t have the ability to control them, it’s still fun to ride along on a bat. You can ride on the shoulders of other players.

Share Your World /seed

A seed code is an unique ID that is assigned to each Minecraft world. Enter this command to find your seed code:

The seed code can be shared with friends to create a replica of your world. To find Minecraft seed codes that have been shared by other players, you can also use a Google Search.

Control Where You Sprawn: /setworldspawn

You want to spawn at the same location every time you start the game. To set precise coordinates, use the following syntax:

If you do not include the coordinates, your current coordinates will be the spawn point for the world.

Clone Blocks: /clone

Cloning is a useful command for building villages. You can copy and paste entire structures. The following syntax allows you to define a range blocks to copy and a place to paste them:

The first set of x/y/z variable values is the starting point for the range. The second set is the ending point. The third set is where you want to place the copied blocks. It will require some math but it is much easier than re-building the same structure repeatedly.

How to Tame Axolotls In Minecraft

How to tame Minecraft axolotls The axolotl, a cute amphibian that lives in caves, is something you might not be familiar with. Axolotls, a rare salamander species, are currently in danger. They are native to the Valley of Mexico and two lakes in particular. One of these lakes is now gone.

The Minecraft axolotl is just like real life in that it comes in many colours, including pink, green and brown. They are also incredibly adorable. They can be found in Minecraft 1.18’s new Lush Caves biome. However, they also have a lot of new mechanics that are not available to other Minecraft mobs. The best thing about the axolotl, is that you can easily capture them by simply scooping them up into a bucket and taking them with you. These amphibians can be used against ocean-based mobs, even though they may look cute.

We will be sharing everything we know about the axolotl, including where they can be found, how to make them and how they fight during combat.

How to Find Axolotls In Minecraft

The new Lush Cave biome is home to axolotls. Locate a Lush Cave by searching for an Acacia tree, then following its roots until you find one. There are five types of Axolotls, with the rare bluish-purple one being the most sought after. They are also available in pink, orange, brown, and blue.

How to Tame Minecraft Axolotls

A bucket is the first thing you will need if you want to make your own army of axolotl. These new creatures can be captured, and even tamed, by simply scooping them up into a bucket.

To create your own little axolotl ecosystem you can empty your bucket in a cave near your Minecraft house. Or, get a few buckets and take them with you to your next Ocean Monument raid.

Combat with Minecraft Axolotl

Once you have caught some axolotls they will swim around in open water and decimate any fish or enemy that is nearby. To get them to follow, you need to hold a tropical fish in either your main or off-hand.

Axolotls aren’t very powerful by themselves, but you can unleash multiple buckets at once, so your enemies will have a lot of work to do.

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Axolotl in Minecraft boasts a unique mechanic: they can ‘play die’ – hostile mobs won’t attack them, giving them time to recover and re-join their fight. You will experience a brief regenerative effect if you hit an enemy who has put one of your axolotls in its ‘play death’ mode.

How to breed Minecraft axolotls

You can also breed two axolotls together by giving them tropical fish. Babies can grow from infant to adulthood in 20 minutes. The time remaining is reduced by 10% if you scoop the baby up into a bucket.

How to get a blue Axolotl

There is a very small chance that you will breed a blue variant. If it does, your baby axolotl will have one of the two colours of its parents.

If you are happy to cheat the system, you can use Minecraft console commands for spawning in a blue Axolotl. Type in ‘/summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ Variant:4’ of you’re playing on Java, and ‘/summon axolotl ~ ~ ~ minecraft:entity_born’ if you’re a Bedrock Edition player.

Multiplayer Minecraft Servers

Minecraft is a very popular game, and the updates keep it growing. This is the ultimate sandbox game where you are the only one who controls everything. However, sometimes players get bored of Minecraft alone and want something new.

There are some common things that all Minecraft players do. One of these is joining a multiplayer server. There are many great multiplayer servers available for all types of PC Minecraft players. These are the best multiplayer servers right now, whether it’s a team-based or solo adventure.

10 Mineplex (IP :

Mineplex is currently the largest Minecraft server. The Mineplex server supports almost every game mode. You shouldn’t be concerned about the server’s population, as there can often be thousands of people on it at one time during peak hours.

Minekart is the most played game on Mineplex. It’s basically a Minecraft version Mario Kart. You should definitely try it if you have the opportunity. It is a well-designed mode with excellent controls.

9 Brawl (IP:

Brawl is a server that allows you to play first-person shooters. The server offers five game modes: Capture the Flag, Minecraft Build Party Deluxe, Raid and MC WarZ.

Capture the Flag is a classic game of CTF. However, it features a lot more sword fighting and shooting. Minecraft Build allows you to create your very own world. Party Deluxe is the Brawl edition of Mario Party. Raid and MC WarZ both offer survival game modes that allow you to form alliances or play alone. It’s a great Minecraft server.

8 PokeSaga (IP:

It was only natural that Pokemon and Minecraft were two of the most loved games, so it was only natural that players created a Minecraft server. The PokeSaga server combines the best of both. To play on this server, you will need the Pixelmon mod. However, be aware that certain quality-of-life mods can cause issues.

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Each player begins at the same PokeSaga spot and can catch, train and battle Pokemon right away. The progression is typical of the Pokemon games, where you challenge gym leaders to earn badges and move on to the next level.

7 Grand Theft Minecart IP:

Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft are the perfect mash-up, something we didn’t expect to see until Grand Theft Minecart was made. This server will be more violent than vanilla Minecraft, but it’s still great fun.

You are placed in a replica Los Santos, where there are no rules. You can do what you like and make as much money as you wish. Sometimes you feel like you are getting shot all over the place, but when it is possible to survive, it can be pure entertainment.

6 Minescape (IP :

Runescape is a beloved game, especially old-school Runescape. You can now spend as much time on your PC as you did playing Runescape.

Minescape is one the most beautiful Minecraft worlds. It perfectly captures the fantasy setting and includes all of the features that make Runescape such an amazing game. It features the same locations and mobs as the original game, along with the same skills. You can relive Runescape through Minescape in Minecraft.

5 Piratecraft (IP :

Piratecraft now allows you to sail the seven oceans of Minecraft. You can’t move the ships you build in regular Minecraft. Although they look fantastic, they are unable to propel themselves forward. Piratecraft allows you to move your ships and even attack them with cannons or other weapons.

To make your ship stand out, you can build it in Piratecraft. You can then enter your ship into competitions to win some treasures. Piratecraft is the perfect choice if you love Sea of Thieves.

4 Minewind (IP address

Minewind is a way to make survival mode more difficult. Minewind is not for the faint-hearted. To survive in this server, you’ll need your head held high as there are no rules.

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Although the game is designed as a survival server with MMO components, there are no real rules and it leads to a lot of player-killing lies, deceit, and player-killing. Minewind is the best server for those who want to experience the most dark and gritty Minecraft.

3 The Hive (IP :

The HiveMC was once known as HiveMC. It is a large Minecraft server that hosts many different game types. They are one of the most friendly Minecraft communities and welcome any suggestions for new mini-games.

The Hive’s most beloved game mode is hide-andseek, a classic children’s game. You are given a time limit to find a hiding spot. Once you have found it, you can blend in with the other blocks by becoming one of them. It’s a combination of prop hunt and hide and seek.

2 Hypixel (IP :

Hypixel is a server that has a large population and offers tons of game modes. There are classic cops, robbers, duels, and even a murder mystery. All of these are great options, but one game mode is more popular than others.

You’ll find the original skyblock survival mode in Hypixel. This survival mod is one of the earliest ever made. This mode allows you to start on a small block high up in the sky, with only the materials from a chest and your skyblock. You can explore other skyblocks or find better materials.

1 Manacube (IP:

Manacube is an excellent choice for people who don’t wish to spend any money on-game. Manacube has very few pay-to-win features, which makes it a popular option. Manacube is popular for its skyblock servers. However, it also offers many other game modes.

One of their survival game modes places you on an island that is mostly submerged in acid. You must find a way for you to survive. There is also a prison-based mode that allows you to be given a piece of land and work on it. This could one day lead to expansion. Manacube has a lot to offer.