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Rise of Iron – Crota’s End Deathsinger Challenge Mode Guide

There was a lot of speculation what the challenge would be. Some expected it to be winning very fast, while suspected some new mechanics. Since Crota’s End received a number of changes, several good, others bad, the Deathsinger challenge is a lot harder than you might expect.

Advised Build

For the Deathsinger I strongly suggest four people with a sword, ideally Raze-Lighter and two people with a Gjallarhorn or a rocket of equal power. You want Raze-Lighter to quickly kill enemies and the Gjallarhorn due to its amazing to destroy the shrieker at range. Things like Golden Gun and bubbles help, but these are mostly what you need.


The Deathsinger challenge is killing her with the Swordbearer’s sword. While this sounds quite simple, it really isn’t. To get this person to spawn, you need to kill all the enemies besides the Deathsinger. If you do this, she will shriek and you need to kill another wave of enemies. This will cause the Swordbearer to spawn and you need to go from his location to hers within the time limit.


Start by assigning someone with a Nova Bomb, Fist of Panic or something similar to kill the first two knights running up. Quickly clean up the acolytes, followed by going up the stairs. Kill all the enemies and then jump to the upper area on the right or left and kill the knight.

Doing this should spawn a wizard and some enemies. Kill these enemies, run inside, destroy the shrieker and quickly exit. When both are destroyed another wave of enemies spawn. At this point you want to assign two people, ideally Nightstalkers, to go to the left and right upper area. They’ll wait for the remaining people to destroy the knight and thrall that spawn. Make sure the other four people are doing something or you’ll be at a disadvantage.

A notification will appear, see above, telling you the Deathsinger is shrieking. This will spawn three ogres, some acolytes and three knights. The two people at the top need to quickly kill the three knights. With a 400 Raze-Lighter and Shadowshot I could kill them in one hit with an uppercut, though lag might prove to be a problem. Kill these three enemies and join the remaining four.

The four people who went to the middle need to attack the ogres and other enemies. They don’t have a lot of health, but you want to kill them as quickly as possible. Several times I was able to kill my knights, jump over the ledge and finish off the ogre. Once all these enemies are dead, you’re at crunch time.

The Swordbearer spawns in the middle, under Crota, where he normally spawns when you fight Crota. The first thing you want to do is wait for him to exit. I’ve wiped because people threw a grenade or rocket too early and it’s frustrating to say the least. He has very little health, which should be low enough for someone to quickly solo him. At most you want three people there and three people rushing back to the Deathsinger. Take the sword, make sure the people near the Deathsinger don’t kill her and then finish her off with the sword.


Those who accomplish this on hard should get a normal drop, one ornament, one legendary engram, Silence after Song emblem and an exotic primary. No one in my group failed to get an exotic in either challenge, so they’re either guaranteed or absurdly likely. Those who use the Eao item will get another STANDARD drop.