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Tips to Survive Longer in “Battle Field 1’s” Multiplayer

  The violence of The Great War was merciless. Soldiers faced bombs, organ-melting gases, rifles, artillery, and a myriad of diseases. Battlefield 1 can never truly be a simulation of the inhumane terror that the war’s victims endured; but it does try and feed gamers a taste of the chaotic bloodshed in the trenches. When you consider the bloody rainbow of deadly instruments that the game supplies your enemies with, it’s a wonder how players survive more than a minute.

  • Billy Don’t Be a Hero

If you have a vision of yourself in Battlefield 1 as a war hero, solo capping objectives and bayonet charging to break the enemy line, here’s what you do with that thought: You take it out back behind the shed and beat it in with the dull side of an ax. Take it to the river and hold it underwater till it stops squirming. Burn it, bury it and salt the Earth around the grave. If you rush a tank alone you will die. If you try to go head to head with five

8 Best Games Where The Illuminati Secretly Rule The World

 The Illuminati is the most prominent secret organization that is thought to be ruling the world from the shadows; a series of symbols, such as the all seeing eye and the owl, being associated with it. Even though there is no proof that this mysterious society really exists, the video game industry cashed in on the idea. And because this subject is a highly exciting one, we are going to reveal the best 8 games where the Illuminati rule the world.

Resident Evil 4

Los Illuminados, The Enlightened Ones in Spanish, is an occult group and it is considered the main antagonist in Resident Evil 4. Worshiping a breed of parasitic organisms that could control their hosts, known as Las Plagas, this dark organization first came into being sometimes in the 18th century. An army of Zealots, Villagers and Combatants is used to do the biddings of the cult’s leader: Osmund Saddler, the ultimate goal being to take over the world.

Max Payne

The Inner Circle from Max Payne is a secret society that has influence

What to do if Money is Dropped on You in GTA

 The Problem

An increasingly common misconception among GTA Online players is that getting money dropped on you by hackers will result in your account being banned. The ban resulting from the sudden increase of cash you’re carrying around. However, there are a number of ways to minimize any sort of harm that hackers may inflict upon you when and if this occurs. We’ve put together a hacker avoidance guide before, but that touched on different topics than this guide.
What’s next?

Dropped Money ≠ Ban

First of all, getting money dropped on you won’t get you banned, and it has never caused false bans. Another misconception is that whether or not you bank the cash actually matters. Some claim banking it will save you from a ban, others that banking it is what causes the ban. Neither are true, because banking the cash makes no difference whatever which way. You’re not getting banned for this, period.

Avoid Hackers and Switch Lobbies

One more thing before we proceed: the quickest, safest and overall best way to avoid issues

First Time Play Resident Evil 1

This is a difficult one for me to really express appropriately because at when I was around nine years old, I wasn’t familiar with the genre of horror in video games. Horror, to me, was something associated with film and Stephen King Novels. I think the scariest game I had played at that age was been Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition for the Sega Genesis. It was a fun kind of scary. Imagining myself as Dr. Allen Grant, placed on this island full of giant lizards that could murder me in a myriad of ways.

Then I spent the night at my cousin’s house and we had made the usual plans, stay up all night and play video games, drink soda, and generally be fools. Then I noticed a game I had never heard of before, in a strange looking case for a PlayStation game. It was long, thick, and had some rather gnarly cover art. It looked like something out of a comic book page. I had to play it.


My cousin told me it was a game about zombies. I thought that sounded very cool as a child who enjoyed

Everything we know about Destiny 2 so far

2 Destiny 2 Furious! While Destiny original flavour bids farewell to a legion of Guardians today with the Age of Triumph, the next big chapter in Bungie’s grand ol’ space opera kicks off this September. All eyes will most likely be cast towards that sequel in the months to come, but Bungie is keeping mum for the forseeable future/E3.

This is the internet however, an ascendant realm where nothing stays secret for very long. Here’s everything we know about Destiny 2 so far.

The Cabal are back in force

Mars was a stronghold of the Cabal in the first Destiny game, a base of operations that the hulking warlike race had annexed for the glory of their empire. Unlike the Hive who could retreat to their Ascendant realms or the nomad-like nature of the Fallen that made their hit ‘n run tactics so lethal, the Cabal are a bit more straight forward in their motivations and abilities.

Unrelenting in their quest for galactic domination, the Cabal always press the advantage and never retreat…most of the time. In The Taken King, the Cabal stationed in our solar system were utterly devastated by the approaching Taken

The Franz Kafka Videogame – Where adventure meets absurdity

Years ago, I stumbled into an English translation of one of Franz Kafka’s works (you can find somehere). I can still recall how fascinated I was with the absurdity of the world he created. Most of what I read was beyond me, but there was a ‘feeling’ to the words that slipped right into my soul. Kafka lodged himself into some corner of my mind where a question remains to this day.

I have been “Kafkaesque,” and whenever I encounter that feeling, I am reminded of everything that is wrong that you cannot explain. I know, sounds mad. Someone finally made e a videogame about a surreal world from the mind of Kafka, and you can play in on April 6th.

“The Franz Kafka Videogame is an original puzzle/adventure game inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka. The protagonist named K. gets a sudden offer of employment. And this event changes his life, forcing him to make a distant voyage. To his surprise, the world beyond his homeland appears to be not as normal as he would think. Together with K. you will experience an atmosphere of absurdity, surrealism, and total uncertainty,” reads

Seems Like Overwatch Players Are Making A New Type Of Competitive Match

Overwatch can become a very stressful activity especially if players are trying to climb ranks in competitive matches. However, some fans have seemingly found a less stressful yet strange competition in the game.

Speedrunning In Overwatch Is The New Craze

The Hero Gallery is a staple feature in the game, as it not only allows players to customize their characters but also pass the time when searching for a game. In the latter cases, fans would usually scroll through each hero screen and randomly check up on a certain hero. However, due to some strange turn of events, fans are now making a competition around it.

According to PCGamesN, players are tracking their time on the screen and posting the best ones on the internet. One fan started the trend by uploading a video wherein they successfully dragged their mouse across the thin line between the two rows of hero cards without actually hitting one. Because of this, they supposedly held the very first world record for doing this at 32.12 seconds.

Their “challenge” managed to draw the attention of other netizens as they also began doing the “speedrun.” Now, one player beat the previous world

New Vanilla World of Warcraft Server is Growing Fast!

A new fan hosted server for vanilla World of Warcraft went live a couple of months ago, and since then it has been growing rather popular. For those of you that are unaware with the common dispute among new and veteran WoW players alike, there has been quite a divide between the fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s heavily updated version and the ones who miss how it used to play in its golden years.

World of Warcraft is a very different game to how it was before later expansions were released, and the mechanics were drastically altered. Whereas reaching the level cap in Vanilla (original version) was something that took a huge time investment and a lot of learning and dedication, in the current and official version of WoW this can be as easy as buying a max level character to enjoy the end-game content almost instantly.

In addition, many of the raids which are high-level dungeons meant for groups have been toned down and made much easier.

These reasons amongst many others meant fans were left to their own devices when it came to reliving the glory days of the still ever popular MMORPG. This

Why Andromeda’s Sex Scene Animations So Much Better?

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s array of strange and incompetent facial animations are now so well-documented that they already seem to be a part of gaming lore. It’s been written off by plenty, which is a shame – once you can live with its jankiness, Andromeda is actually a pretty good game.

While the landscapes and scenery of the Andromeda Galaxy are usually captivating, the facial animations belong on the other end of the spectrum. It’s especially bad for Sarah Ryder, who seems to forever be either grimacing or storing food in her cheeks for winter. Bizarrely, the female characters receive the brunt of the jank; most male characters are untouched, though hardly realistic. Addison’s blank stare and emotionless expression is already a meme.

So, after completing the story and ending up with Cora (she has nice hair), I have one question.

Why are the sex scenes in Mass Effect: Andromeda animated so much better than the rest of the game?

I can’t believe I’m about to analyse a sex scene in a video game, but here it goes.

During the romantic encounter with Cora, Ryder walks through the door and a

The Nintendo Switch launch, in many charts

The Wii broke the Nintendo Co. Ltd. 7974, -2.62%   curse of having every new console sell less than the one before it, and early returns from the Japanese gaming giant’s latest release, the Switch, suggest it could happen again.

With strong early sales for the Switch, investors like what they see so far, with Nintendo’s stock rising almost 15% since the console launched on March 3. But that kind of bounce actually might seem tame for Nintendo after the past year, which included a dramatic 112% rise after the July release of the PokemonGo mobile app and the 29% bounce after Super Mario Run was released for Apple Inc.’s AAPL, +0.03%  iOS. Both of those gains were short-lived, though.

Since the Wii’s successful 2006 release, Nintendo has continued to try to innovate with interactive hardware elements, such as wireless motion and touch controls, rather than attempt to compete with Sony Corp. SNE, -2.10%  and Microsoft Corp.MSFT, -0.47%  on processing power and high-end graphics.

While that worked well with

The Other Side, Fizzles & Dies With Kickstarter Funds

In 2015 Indonesian game studio, Artoncode ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for their new project.Winterflame: The Other Side was planned to be an exciting puzzle adventure game with a complex emotional story. Over 600 backers pledged CA$ 70,832 to help Artoncode bring the project to life, but in the end it just wasn’t enough. A recent update has revealed that it probably was never going to be either.

Winterflame got off to a great start. Not only did the campaign raise slightly more than its goal, but the game also got on Steam Greenlight. Artoncode never explicitly stated how far along the game was during the campaign, but they did have a presumably working prototype available at the time. Combined with their assertion that the project’s biggest challenge would be designing the puzzles, backers had every reason to think the game was well underway.

In truth, despite updates to the contrary, Winterflamewas already facing difficulties. Backers were told, “We ensure you that we have progress very well until now,” in updates. Meanwhile, the project was actually experiencing numerous design and technical issues. Information which remained hidden from backers until the team’s most recent Kickstarter update.

After only two “backer only” updates throughout the whole

Rise of Iron – Crota’s End Deathsinger Challenge Mode Guide

There was a lot of speculation what the challenge would be. Some expected it to be winning very fast, while suspected some new mechanics. Since Crota’s End received a number of changes, several good, others bad, the Deathsinger challenge is a lot harder than you might expect.

Advised Build

For the Deathsinger I strongly suggest four people with a sword, ideally Raze-Lighter and two people with a Gjallarhorn or a rocket of equal power. You want Raze-Lighter to quickly kill enemies and the Gjallarhorn due to its amazing to destroy the shrieker at range. Things like Golden Gun and bubbles help, but these are mostly what you need.


The Deathsinger challenge is killing her with the Swordbearer’s sword. While this sounds quite simple, it really isn’t. To get this person to spawn, you need to kill all the enemies besides the Deathsinger. If you do this, she will shriek and you need to kill another wave of enemies. This will cause the Swordbearer to spawn and you need to go from his location to hers within the time limit.


Start by assigning someone with a Nova Bomb, Fist of Panic

Game developers who run together, succeed together

Meet Jason Brackman, a game developer who works at Relic Entertainment in Vancouver, British Columbia. Most notably, Relic makes the Company of Heroes series of RTS games.

Jason doesn’t look like your stereotypical soft-bellied, junk-food-eating game developer. Jason is thin and tough. He’s good natured and obsessive.

Jason doesn’t drink, the way that devs typically do. Rather, Jason does have a drink-just one drink-once or twice a year, usually at the Relic holiday party. Drinking makes him childlike and terribly endearing.

Instead of drinking, Jason exercises.

Jason is an avid exerciser. He climbs Grouse Mountain on a regular basis, doing what’s known in the Vancouver vernacular as “The Grouse Grind.” The Grind is a grueling hour-long hike up vertical rocky terrain. Grouse Mountain is 20 minutes outside of Vancouver’s downtown core. If you haven’t done it before,you should try it.

Jason invites other devs to join him on The Grind. At the top, doubled over and occasionally dry-heaving-Grouse is absolutely merciless, especially for first-timers-the devs almost always promise that they’ll be back. The endorphin rush at the top is genuinely thrilling and addictive. (Note: I’ve climbed Grouse with Jason, and

The Infinite Warfare God’s HQ

Rave In The Redwoods Tips:

here are some tips that will help you while you are playing this zombie mode.

First tip that we will give you is to make sure that you conserve your ammo, this can be scarce in later stages and if you want to get further make sure that you start good practice conserving ammo. This means of course, make sure that you focus on accuracy.

Make sure that you know where each pet machine is as these will come in handy as you progress. Don’t use them all up early but make sure that you know where they are so you can get them when you need them in later stages.

Make sure that you have a plan before you begin, get to know the map and don’t opening up too early as it will become overwhelming. Get to know an area and have a place where you will take a stand, you will of course need to move as you go along but having backup retreats along the way it will help you last longer.

Other than that, for a general tips make sure that you play

Tips to Nnegotiate Capture Persona

Persona 5 bring back negotiations with other enemies Persona, which can be a tricky process since you need to answer a variety of questions in order to negotiate with them leading to their capture. There are a variety of ways using which you can negotiate with a Persona or capture them in the game and they all deal with your knowledge of the personal traits of the Persona in question.

How To Negotiate Persona And Find Their Weakness If you don’t have the skill unlocked that allows you to see the weakness of each Persona, you will have to test you luck with the Persona by performing the elemental magic attacks or guns to see which move can cause the Persona to achieve a ‘weak’ state. If you already know the weakness of each Persona, then you can simply press the R1 button to use the move that makes the Persona enter a ‘weak’ state. Once all the Persona in a battle are in the ‘weak’ state, you can approach them and either perform an All-Out Attack or talk with them to negotiate and recruit them, or ask them for money and items.

Negotiation process will result in a variety of questions that

Tips To Get More Salvage To Craft Custom Weapons In Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

How To Get More Salvage Fast:

Custom weapons and crafting is a great addition to call of duty infinite warfare, the problem is you will need salvage and that can be hard to come by so we have some tips that will help you get there quicker.

The simplest way of getting the currency in the game which is called “Salvage”, this is what you will be spending to create custom weapons; and you will get more by ranking up and playing the game. However, to speed the process up to spend all of the crypto keys that you get and open all of the supply drops. The amount of salvage you get will depend on the rarity of the box.

The other way to speed this up is to focus on the challenges that you get when playing multiplayer. So of course there are different game modes and you will have a main aim in the game, you will also see challenges such as getting a certain amount of head shots with an assault rifle; you can see them all in the top right corner when you are playing the game.

To earn more

How video games are good for the brain

In his speech to America’s schoolchildren last month, President Obama had a clear directive about video games: Put them away. It wasn’t the first time he had sounded this particular alarm, warning of the dangers of days spent at gaming consoles. But the latest science shows that there’s a lot more to video games than their dark reputations suggest.

“There’s still a tendency to think of video games as a big wad of time-wasting content,’’ said Cheryl Olson, co-director of the Center for Mental Health and Media at Massachusetts General Hospital. “You would never hear a parent say we don’t allow books in our home, but you’ll still hear parents say we don’t allow video games in our home.

“Games are a medium. They’re not inherently good or bad.’’

After years of focusing on the bad – and there are still legitimate concerns, for instance, about the psychological effects of certain violent games – scientists are increasingly examining the potential benefits of video games. Their studies are revealing that a wide variety of games can boost mental function, improving everything from vision to memory. Still unclear is whether these gains

PC Games Release Date List April 2017

Tank Assault X – Apr 1

Domina – Apr 3

Evolution Pinball VR: The Summoning – Apr 3

1166 – Apr 3

Feral Fury – Apr 3

Spaceship Looter – Apr 3

Roots of Insanity – Apr 3

Glorch’s Great Escape: Walking is for Chumps – Apr 3

Idle Evolution – Apr 3

What’s under your blanket 2 !? – Apr 3

Armor Clash II – Apr 3

Edengrad – Apr 4

Use Your Words – Apr 4

Survivalizm: The Animal Simulator – Apr 4

Arcane RERaise – Apr 4

Dead Rising 4: Frank Rising – Apr 4

SoulSaverOnline – Apr 4

Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter – Apr 4

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment – Apr 5

Paradigm – Apr 5

Vee Rethak: Deep Under The Mountain – Apr 5

One Hit KO – Apr 5

Farm World – Apr 5

Europa Universalis IV: Mandate of Heaven – Apr 6

The Quest for Achievements – Apr 6

Catch a Lover – Apr 6

Shardbound – Apr 6

Crazy Fishing – Apr 6

The Secret Order 5: The Buried Kingdom – Apr 6

Galactic Keep – Apr 6

Steampunk Syndicate – Apr 6

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition – Apr 7

Slime-san – Apr 7

A Gummy’s Life – Apr 7

Trickshot – Apr 7

Missile Cards – Apr 7

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity – Apr

Radiant Crusade – Apr 7

Forestry – Apr

A really awesome modification for Fallout 2

It just came to my (Robin Ek, TGG) attention that DaemonCZ’s “Fallout 2” mod “Fallout 1.5: Resurrection” won the “Fan Creation of the Year” award at the SXSW Gaming Awards, because as you might remember. I wrote that Sergeant Mark IV’s “Brutal Doom 64” won the very same award just the other day.However, I honestly didn’t hear about “Fallout 1.5: Resurrection” until today (I must have missed the mod’s trailer during the SXSW eventdue to the excitement over Brutal Doom 64’s award victory).

Anyways, I just gave Fallout 1.5 a try myself, and I’ll have you know that it’s a freaking awesome “Fallout 2” mod. So much so that I would recommend everyone to give it a try for themselves (you won’t regret it!). Well, I think you got the idea that I like the mod a whole lot, but what exactly is “Fallout 1.5: Resurrection”? Well, this is the actual mod description by the creator himself (DaemonCZ):

“Fallout 1.5: Resurrection is a modification for Fallout 2. Its story takes place chronologically between 1 and 2, hence the name. It takes place in New Mexico. Content-wise, it rivals or possibly surpasses the original Fallout.

Fallout 1.5: Resurrection is

5 Most Horrifying Pokedex Entries in Pokemon Sun and Moon

There is no better glimpse into the real world and everyday life of the Pokemon universe than Pokedex entries. These snippets of exposition were a key world-building element in the anime that also guided Ash along his journey. The Pokedex provides a wealth of information about how this universe, its various ecosystems, and even the traits of the various Pokemon species come together to tell a story.

A terrifying, soul-crushing story.

Don’t be fooled by the cutesy, candy-coating of Pokemon Sun and Moon: Not all Pokemon are friendly and adorable. Let’s take a journey through the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon via the 5 most horrifying Pokedex entries.

 1. Bewear (#760)

Aw, he’s adorable. Don’t you just want to hug the big, fluffy bear? Much like bears in real life, that particular course of action has one end result: being squashed to death.  After all, the danger indicator is in this Pokemon’s name. “Bewear” of this adorable monstrosity, because said beast might just hug you to death.

2. Primape (#57)

The early days of the Pokemon anime played up the unstable and inconsolable rage of Mankey andPrimeape for laughs. I hope