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Choosing Dance Classes for Your Kids

Dancing is in us. Many of us dance simply because they love to, or just because it’s a hobby while some, take it to another level by taking it as their career path. On the other hand, there are people who have both feet left and thinking that dancing is not for them. Fortunately, this can be easily rectified by attending dance classes.

At the same time, if you want your child to learn how to dance, there are also dance classes for kids where you can enroll them to. As a matter of fact, this is the perfect time to introduce dancing to your kids as childhood stage is when the brain learns a lot of things and absorb everything. If you wish to ensure that your kid will be able to know how to groove even at a young age, then enrolling them in such a class would be a smart move.

Basically, there are a number of classes that you can choose from and you can pick one depending on its types. Let us discus further on these types of dance classes.

Number 1. Ballet

Ballet is not just intended for girls. This is actually a popular misconception. Whether you believe it or not, even boys can enroll in ballet classes. Yes it is true that classes might be full of girls but that isn’t to say that boys are not welcome. It’s almost every girl’s dream to become a ballerina. Among the great benefits of dancing ballet is that, it is strengthening the leg muscles and ensuring that your child is very active. It’s for the reason that ballet is a type of dance that’s physically demanding.

Number 2. Jazz

This type of dance is almost similar to ballet. It has plenty of classes and lessons and it is the upbeat yet graceful way of dancing similar to ballet.

Number 3. Tap Dance

Another upbeat and fun dance class you can enroll your child in is tap dance. In this class, it involves tap dance shoes that are specific for this dancing lesson. These shoes are producing clicking sound that is playing with the beat.

Number 4. Hip-Hop

If your child wants something modern and has varieties, then this is the thing for them. There are now many forms of hip-hop dance similar to popping, locking and breaking. With break dancing, it goes further by being divided into four classes which are downrock, power moves, freezes and toprock. All these four divisions are incorporated in one dance routine. There are also other hip-hop forms such as popping and locking. These styles are different from each yet, they are frequently mistaken to be the same.

Locking is basically a pause in between movements while popping is defined by jerking movements and a bit of gliding and sliding movements. At the moment, there are three more dancing styles added and these are turfing, jerking and krumping. All these three still are under the umbrella of hip-hop. Your kid has so much to learn by taking such lessons.

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