How to play Minecraft with friends

January 14, 2023

How to play Minecraft with friends

Shared happiness equals twice the happiness - seems simple enough, right? Gaming is no exception! We've compiled all the ways you can play Minecraft with your friends in the following article. This will allow you to have as many friends as possible. You can play Minecraft with your friend on the couch in split screen or with your friends from around the world on your server. Here's what you need to know.

- Christian – Minecraft, Tutorials

Split-screen - At Home on the Couch

Split-screen mode is the best way to play Minecraft with friends. This mode is only available for consoles. If you have enough controllers and a console version, you can play Minecraft with up to three friends simultaneously on one screen. The screen that you play on must have a resolution of at least 720p. These requirements must be met before you can play together. To check the resolution of your screen, you can go to your console's settings.

Follow these steps for the split-screen mode:

- Create a new Minecraft World or load an existing Minecraft world to get started.
- Click the "Online Game" button. This is required to activate local multiplayer.
- All other players must press the start button on their controllers to activate them.
- Other players log in to the console with an account. You can also use this area to create guest accounts.
- Now you can start plaing.

LAN - Get your friends together to have a party

The LAN mode is a great alternative if you want to play locally with friends or the splitscreen windows just aren't big enough. Everyone can connect to your server through LAN (Local Area Network).

This requires a powerful computer that you can use to both play by yourself and as a server. These are the steps to get your LAN party started:

- Create a new Minecraft World or load an existing one and start the game. Next, open the menu.
- Click "Open to LAN" to decide if cheating is allowed. Next, press "Start LAN World".
- Other players can search the world on their computer in the multiplayer tab, and join it over a local network.
- Now you can start plaing.

Public Servers - Make new friends and meet new people!

There are many public Minecraft servers where you can meet your fellow Minecrafters. Many of these servers offer minigames or adventures, and host large communities. To find the most popular public servers, visit websites like Join the same server as your friends to start playing with many other players.

This is the way that joining public servers works:

- Locate the IP address of a server using websites such as and
- Click on Add Server/Direct Connection in the multiplayer tab.
- Enter the IP address for the public server to start the game.
- Now you can start plaing.

Private Server - Maximum flexibility for friends from around the globe

Privately hosted servers are the best way to enjoy Minecraft with your friends. You have full control over the settings. You can choose which version you wish to play, and how many people you allow to play on the server. You can also use the many mods and plugins that the Minecraft community has created on your private server. You decide the rules, and no one can tell you what to do.