Cool Minecraft Commands

January 30, 2023

Cool Minecraft Commands

Cheats in Minecraft are automatically suggested by the chat window. However, there are many other cheats that Minecraft doesn't list. These are some cool Minecraft commands that you might not have heard of.

These cheats might not be available in your Minecraft version. New commands are constantly being added and removed from Minecraft.

Teleport Anywhere:

The Minecraft teleport command has been voted the best cheat. The following syntax can be used to teleport to a specific coordinate:

Once you understand how coordinates work, it is easy to warp to key locations in your world. You can also teleport to any object or player using the /tp command, by replacing the coordinates in the coordinates with a name.

Locate Nearby Objects

Are you trying to find the nearest village, home, or mineshafts? You can use the locate command to pinpoint the coordinates for nearby objects such as these:

The command above returns the coordinates for the nearest buried treasure. This information can be used with the teleport command for quick access to where you need to go.

Count Objects

You can count the number players, mobs, or other objects in a certain area using the /testfor command. The following command returns the number llamas within a 100-block radius around coordinates 75X 64Y 75Z:

You can control the time of day: /time

You can set the exact time of the day for your Minecraft world. Follow these steps:

The command above sets the time for dawn. Midday is 6000, dusk 12,000, midnight 18,000. You can play with the numbers between to control the time incrementally.

Ride Any Creature: /ride

You can ride animals in Minecraft, but you will need to tame them. The ride command cheat makes it much easier.

You will have spawns from any mob you choose. Although you won't have the ability to control them, it's still fun to ride along on a bat. You can ride on the shoulders of other players.

Share Your World /seed

A seed code is an unique ID that is assigned to each Minecraft world. Enter this command to find your seed code:

The seed code can be shared with friends to create a replica of your world. To find Minecraft seed codes that have been shared by other players, you can also use a Google Search.

Control Where You Sprawn: /setworldspawn

You want to spawn at the same location every time you start the game. To set precise coordinates, use the following syntax:

If you do not include the coordinates, your current coordinates will be the spawn point for the world.

Clone Blocks: /clone

Cloning is a useful command for building villages. You can copy and paste entire structures. The following syntax allows you to define a range blocks to copy and a place to paste them:

The first set of x/y/z variable values is the starting point for the range. The second set is the ending point. The third set is where you want to place the copied blocks. It will require some math but it is much easier than re-building the same structure repeatedly.